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Dr. Eichel has over 15 years of university student support services administration and college and university teaching experience. Her background includes:

  • Associate Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association

  • M.S. and Ph.D., UCLA, specializing in human development and psychology

  • Learning Skills Counselor for college level students

  • Creation of application procedure program for college students

  • A long-standing record of helping students at various levels with the application process

  • Development and direction of a university mentor program for college freshmen and transfer students to ease personal and academic adjustment

  • Specialization in high school and college tutorials to identify and remediate academic difficulties

  • Experience working with special populations

  • Local and regional news columnist


Dear Dr. Eichel:

Even now, I clearly remember how critical your wholehearted help was for me for admission into New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science. The presentation skills you taught me have had an enduring effect on my studies because it gradually helped me overcome the stage fright I chronically experienced whenever facing a speech in public.

Now, I am seeking a job as a recent graduate and the first person to come to my mind as my advisor to rely upon for my preparation of cover letters and resumes as well as interviews for various job opportunities is you.

I am certain that your linguistic acumen and practical advice will make me focus on important necessary skills and enhancing my qualifications. Your expertise will continuously help students be successful not only with their studies but also with their careers and lives in the USA.

- Former student
B.F.A., Hong Ik University, Western Painting, 1984

M.F.A., Hong Ik Graduate School of Fine Arts, Western Painting, 1987

M.A., New York University, 2007



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