Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

Integrated Arts



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Course Overview

Integrated arts focuses on both art appreciation and creation. This course encourages creative expression and fosters the development of skills and knowledge that prepare students for lifelong learning and participation in the arts and arts-related activities.

This course integrates two disciplines, media arts and visual arts, giving students the opportunity to produce and present integrated art works.

Media arts refers to artworks created with technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, and computer animation.

The visual arts are art forms such a drawing, painting, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, and filmmaking.

Students will use the creative process and responsible practices to explore solutions to integrated arts assignments.



The expectations for this course are organized into three distinct but
related strands:

Students develop their understanding of, and use proper
terminology when referring to, elements, principles, and other key concepts related
to the two disciplines. They learn about themes, symbols, and approaches used
in different art works.

Creating and Presenting

Students apply the creative process to
produce and present art works using principles from the two disciplines.

Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing
Students use the critical analysis
process to develop their understanding of and appreciation for
works from the two disciplines.



Units of Study

Unit 0 - Computer Environment

Unit 1 - Introduction to Inkscape

Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Inkscape

Unit 3 - Video Company (Due Nov. 22 at the latest) Try to finish earlier, you will need the time for Unit 4

Unit 4- Introduction to Animation (Due Dec. 10)

Raise you Mark - Animated Images (Due Dec. 10 -Pick any one/more of these assignments.)

The mark you get will replace the lowest mark that you received on a previous assignment.


Unit 5- RST

Part 1 - Character Design (due before you leave for Christmas Holidays)

Part 2 - Animated Cartoon starts Jan. 7 (due the last day of regular classes)