Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw

The Computer Mouse





This exercise is intended to give you further practice with using the Bezier and .

1.             Open a new file.

2.              Click the Bezier tool. To draw the shape of the mouse, click at a starting point. Click and move the mouse to a new point curving at each point. The last point must be the same as your first point. Donít worry if the shape so far does not look like a mouse!

3.              Convert the Object to a Path. Using the Edit Node tool click on each node and drag it to create the shape of the mouse. You can add / delete nodes as needed.

4.              Fill the mouse. Then draw lines to mark off the left and right mouse buttons. Draw an ellipse and rotate it for the mouse wheel. Then draw the cord by using the bezier tool.

5.              Group all the objects together. Add the descriptive text and use a line and the stroke style to draw the arrow

Save this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as "computermouse.svg"
Export this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as computermouse.png
Post the drawing on your website on the
Tutorial 2 - The Computer Mouse page