Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Inkscape

Tutorial 1 - The Room

What your will learn in this tutorial

-creating a pattern

- inporting a pattern



- blur




Setting up your Page

1.          In Document Properties set your Page Size to A4 and your page orientation to portrait.

2.             Set your grid units to mm, your spacing to 10, and your major grid line to 1

3.            Set snap options as shown below

Turn snap on in the Toolbar

Draw the Walls


4.            Draw the walls of the room using the rectangle tool - start at the bottom left–hand corner at (20,20) and draw a rectangle (170 wide and 250 high) Set the fill to transparent and the stroke to 1mm.

You can modify the size in the property bar

5.  Outside your page draw a floor pattern to fill the room. It is just 2 rectangles of different colours. Use the Color Picker Extension to find the colours.

6. Turn the floor drawing into a pattern Objects Menu > Pattern > Objects to Pattern. This will create a numbered pattern that can be applied to the object. Now delete the pattern from the drawing.

7. Select the rectangle that you drew earlier. In the Fill Properties apply the pattern

Draw theDoor

7.             Draw a line using the freehand tool, at 45 degrees for the door, start of the line (x=20, y=150). Make the Distance of the line 60 mm.

8.             To thicken the line, change the Stroke Style to 3 mm

9.         Select the Ellipse tool. Move near to point A (see above) and then press and hold the Shift key. Drag out the circle until Rx 50 mm and Ry is 50mm. Change the fill colour to transparent, the stroke colour to black, and the stroke size to 1 mm


10. Using the node tool, click on the circular node to form the required arc.


Add the rest of the furniture

16.         Using the Rectangle tool, draw two adjoining rectangles for the desk. (Rectangle 1 is 80 mm x 40 mm and rectangle 2 is 30 x 80) Do NOT overlap the rectangles.

17.         Select both rectangles and join them together using Path menu > Union


19.         Save the darkwood.jpg to your N:Drive. Import it to your drawing. Convert it to a pattern using Object menu > Pattern > Objects to pattern and apply it to your desk.


20.         Use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle representing a chair. Select the red circle with a black border and with Rx 25 and Ry 25.


Select and use the gradient tool and choose radial from the property bar . Click on one node and choose red, set the second node to white.

Move the nodes to achieve the desired fill.

Now blur the border using Filters > Blur >blur. Change the values as necessary



21.         Draw a rectangle for the carpet (130 mm x 90mm). Fill the carpet with the diamondpattern.jpg


22. Make the edges jagged using Filters > Distort>Torn Edges,

23. Zigzag the pattern using Filter > Distort > Ripple




Save this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as "room1.svg"
Export this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as room1.png
Post the drawing on your website on the
Tutorial 1- The Room subpage.