Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw

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Page Setup

1.              Change the page size to 300 mms x 200 mms and the orientation to Landscape. Set the grid spacing to 5 mms and set Snap to Grid.

2.              Draw the earth. Your filter can be anything that adds texture.

3.              Select the earth and change the size to 140 mms x 140 mms. Center it on the page.

Drawing the Sun

4.              To create the sun, click the Polygon tool, change the value for the Number of Points to 20. Set the fill to red and the stroke to yellow.

Increase the stroke size.

5.            Change the size to 170 mms x 170 mms, convert to path and apply Filter > Materials > Gold Paste

6.              Draw a rectangle shape around the area of the sun that you want to keep.

7. Select both shapes and apply Object > Clip > Set. This will crop the image.

Drawing the Moon

8.   Create a Circle and turn it in to a path. Duplicate the circle, change the colour so you can see it. Move the duplicate circle to create the overlapping shape you want.

9. Select both circles and from the Path menu > Difference


10. Colour your moon using a gradient fill.

Drawing the Text on a Curve

11. Write the text an apply it to a curve. Check the Coffee Cup tutorial if you have forgotten how to do this

Filling the Text with a Pattern

12.           Select all the entire drawing and convert it to a Pattern.

13.         Fill the text with the Pattern. To adujst the pattern you select the node tool (F2 edit paths by nodes) then click on the text. Then on the original image that is the source for the pattern a small square white box will appear which you can manipulate to adjust the pattern.


Save this Drawing in your N:Drive > Unit 2 Folder as "planet.svg"
Export this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as planet.png
Post the drawing on your website on the
Tutorial 4 - Planetary Studies page