Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Tutorial # 2 - Coffee Logo 2

If you forget how to do some of the steps see Tutorial 1




Create Triangles for the Background

1. Use the Polygon Tool from the Graph Paper Fly Out and set the number of sides to 3.

2. Draw a triangle.

3. Duplicate the triangle and make it slightly smaller to fit inside the first triangle.

4. Select both triangles and Group them together.

5. Duplicate the group 3 times.

6. Arrange the triangles as shown below



Create the Circles

1. In the toolbox, click the Ellipse tool.

2. Hold down the CTRL key and drag to create a perfect circle.

3. Duplicate the circle 5 times.

4 . Drag the circles to the positions shown below


Adding Colour

For this project, you will use the RGB color model.

To add yellow colour to the outer triangle

1      Click Edit menu ` Select all  ` Objects.


2      Click Arrange menu ` Ungroup all.

3 Click the Pick tool

4 Hold down Shift, and select the four outer triangles


5      From the Model list box, choose RGB.


6      In the R box, type 255.


7      In the G box, type 204.


8   In the B box, type 0.


9    Click OK.


To add green colour to inner triangles



      From the Model list box, choose RGB.


1      In the R box, type 153.


2     In the G box, type 153.


3   In the B box, type 51.


4   Click OK.

To add color to the circles

1   Click the Pick tool       .


2   Hold down Shift, select the six circles.

      From the Model list box, choose RGB.

3      In the R box, type 255.

4      In the G box, type 249.

5      In the B box, type 116.

5      Click OK.





Creating the Rounded Diamond Shape


To create the outer square


     1. Using the Rectangle tool , drag to create a square on a blank area of the drawing. The square should be smaller than the background, but big enough to cover the middle of the background.


If you want an exact square, you can hold down Ctrl as you draw it.

2   From the Shape edit flyout     , click the Shape tool    

3   Drag a corner node to round the corner of the square.

Duplicate the square and hold down Shift and drag one of the corner selection handles until the square is slightly smaller than the original square.


By holding down Shift, you are resizing the square from its center.


4. Colour the larger square Orange

5. Colour the smaller square using the RGB values R=229, G=255 and B=229

6. Change the thickness of the outline to make it look like the image below



7. Group the squares together


8. Rotate the Squares


9.Drag the resulting diamond shape on top of the background.


If the diamond shape is too large or too small, resize the diamond by dragging one of the corner selection handles







Add the Coffee Cup and Drop Shadow

See Tutorial 1 if you have forgotton how to do this




Drawing the Banner

This time you are going to draw your own banner using the ellipse. 

Draw the rough shape using the ellipse tool, click on convert to curves in the top menu and then use the shape
tool to drag the nodes around to make the ellipse look like the banner below.

Note: If you need more nodes to drag, right click on one of the nodes and choose Add

Adding Text to the Banner

Use a Bezier curve to add text to the Banner (See Tutorial 1)




Save your work

Now that you have finished creating the logo save your work

To save in corel draw format

  1. Click File menu >Save.
  2. From the Save in list box, choose the K: drive > Unit 1 folder
  3. In the Filename box, type coffeelogo2
  4. Click Save.

To save in website format

  1. Click File menu > Export, choose the K: drive > Unit 1 folder
  2. From the File Type menu chooses JPG - JPEG Bitmaps
  3. In the Filename box, type coffeelogo.
  4. Click Export


Upload coffeelogo2.jpg to your Unit 1 Folder

Upload coffeelogo2.cdr to your CDR Files > Unit 1 Folder


Using a table post the Original Logo and your coffeelogo2.jpg side by side on the Tutorial 2 page of your Unit 1 Section.


Create a link to your coffeelogo2.cdr file under the table.