Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw

The Fruit Bowl


Part 1 - Empty Fruit Bowl

Draw an empty fruit bowl. The bowl must appear 3D and must have an opening into which fruit can be placed. It should have a textured pattern and some shadow or shading to make the opening appear 3D. You should make use of lighting and shadows.


Save the empty fruit bowl as emptyfruitbowl.cdr (You will need this in another unit) and export as emptyfruitbowl.jpg

Part 2 - Drawing a Full Fruit Bowl

Open the emptyfruitbowl.cdr and save it as fullfruitbowl.cdr

Now draw several pieces of fruit and add them to your fruit bowl. You must include at least 4 different fruits. Each fruit must be textured to appear more realistic.

Save this as fullfruitbowl.cdr and export as fullfruitbowl.jpg

Part 3 - Drawing the Room

Open the fullfruitbowl.cdr and save it as finalfruitbowl.cdr

Create a background for your picture (a kitchen, a table, etc.). Try to include examples of all the techniques that you have learned. (Shading, fills, transparency, power clip, 3D, etc.) To obtain a level 4 try a new feature! Save this as finalfruitbowl.cdr and export as finalfruitbowl.jpg

Post the emptyfruitbowl, the fullfruitbowl and the finalfruit bowl on your website on the
Assignment 6 - Fruit Bowl page