Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Image Analysis


Analysing an Image

Sample questions/statements that you might answer/make when analysing an image:

What is in the picture?

In the picture I can see ...
There’s / There are ...
There isn’t a ... / There aren’t any ..
What is happening?

The man is
The people are
The animals are
It’s raining/snowing/sunny

Where are things in the picture?

At the top/bottom of the picture ...
In the middle of the picture ...
On the left/right of the picture ...

What is the picture?

It looks like a ...
It might be a ...
He/She/They could be
Maybe it’s a ...


Assignment # 5a - Siberian Tigers

Robert Bateman is a Canadian naturalist and painter, born in Toronto, Ontario.
Describe his painting called Siberian Tigers by using the questions/statements above as a guide.
As a conclusion describe what you think about the picture, what you like, what you dislike and why.


Assignment # 5b - Robert Bateman Painting #2

Choose any other painting by Robert Bateman and describe it using the questions/statements above as a guide.
Post a copy of the picture on your website with your description.