Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw

Tutorial 1 - The Room



Setting up your Page

1.             Click Layout | Page Setup and check that the page size of your new drawing is A4, that the orientation is Portrait and that the units are millimeters.

2.             Click Grid …, choose Spacing and set the grid Horizontal to 10 mm and Vertical to 10 mm Click OK.

3.             Check Snap to Grid. When drawing, this will cause the current point to “jump” to the grid points.

4.             Check Show Grid to display the grid.


Draw the Walls


5.            Draw the walls of the room using the rectangle tool - start at the bottom left–hand corner at (20,20) and draw a rectangle (170 wide and 250 high)

Draw the Door

6.             Draw a line using the freehand tool, at 45 degrees for the door, start of the line (x=20, y=150). Make the Distance of the line 60 mm.

7.             To thicken the line, click on the down arrow next to the box on the Property bar with Hairline in it, and change it to 3 mms.

8.             Select the Ellipse tool, move near to point A and then press and hold both the Control and Shift keys. . Drag out the circle until the width is 100 mm and the height is 100 mm. Do not release the two keys before releasing the mouse button. The circle may be drawn 3 mm thick — if so change the width back to a hairline.


   For the following few steps it may be easier to zoom in to the door to a level of about 200%.


Trim the Door and the Circle


11.         Click the View menu item. If there is no check by Snap to Objects then click on it

12.         Select the circle using the Pick Tool. There is a very small circle (called a node) visible on the circumference, either at the top or at the bottom of the circle.

13.         Click the Shape tool. As you move nearer the node on the circle, the cursor changes to indicate it has found a node. Drag the point back to the line at B, keeping the cursor on the outside of the arc.

14.         Click the other end of the arc and drag back to the point C, again keeping the cursor on the outside of the arc.

15.         Select the line representing the door and drag it back to reach the circle.

Return to the full view by choosing To Page or To Fit.

Add the rest of the furniture

16.         Using the Rectangle tool, draw two adjoining rectangles for the desk. (Rectangle 1 is 80 mm x 40 mm and rectangle 2 is 30 x 80) Do NOT overlap the rectangles.

17.         Click Window | Dockers | Shaping to add the Shaping window to the Docker area. We want to weld the rectangles so change from Trim to Weld

18.         Click on the Rectangle 1 , then choose Weld To and then click on Rectangle 2. This will make a single object of the shape required for the desk.

19.         Choose Window | Dockers | Properties. Using Texture Fill apply a wood grain to the desk.

20.         Use the Ellipse tool to draw the circle representing a chair. Make the width 40 and the height 40, then change both the width (<->) and height on the Properties bar from 40 to 25. In the Fill Tool choose Fountain Fill Dialog and set the following:


21.         Draw a rectangle for the carpet (130 mm x 90mm). Fill the carpet with the pattern by choosing the correct pattern in the Fill Tool > Pattern Fills area and editing it via the Advanced option to make the Width and Height similar to mine. Also set the Front and Back colours to orange and yellow.

22.         Use the Interactive Distortion tool (this is on the Interactive Tools fly–out) and choose Presets | Zipper1 from the Property bar on the top left. Change the Zipper Distortion Frequency and use the Random Distortion icon to create the fraying. Play with this to try and get the right shape. Your shape does not have to be exactly the same as mine, as long as it is jagged.

23. Add a wood floor to the background using Pattern Fills and then sending it to the back using Arrange > Order > To Back


Save this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as "room1.cdr"
Export this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as room1.jpg
Post the drawing on your website on the
Tutorial 1- The Room subpage.