St. Pius X High School

Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw





Tutorial # 1: Complete the following tutorial: Room


Assignment # 1: Draw a plan of your bedroom at home. Be as detailed as you can.You must demonstrate the following techniques from the tutorial: gradient fill, pattern fill, welding, and drawing a door.

The Lumber Truck


Assignment # 2 : Reproduce the following picture: Lumber Truck

Bezier and 3D


Tutorial # 2: Computer Mouse
Tutorial #3: Hearts


Assignment # 3: Reproduce the following picture: The Real Mouse

Logos and Images


Tutorial # 4: Complete the following tutorial: Planetary Studies


Assignment # 4: Reproduce the following logo: Tiger


Assignment # 5: Robert Bateman


Fruit Bowl



Assignment #7a : Fruit Bowl Analysis

Save this image to your N:Drive

Open it with Windows Photo Viewer and then rotate the image 180 degrees.

Write a short description of what you see when you look at the original image and then the rotated image.


Assignment #7b : Hidden Image

Find an image online that is not exactly what it appears to be.
Post a copy of the picture and describe what you see.





Final Check


For each drawing post the original (if applicable) and your drawing in a table.

Upload each cdr file to a folder in your Google Drive Unit 2 and embed the drive folder.

Tutorial 1- The Room
Assignment 1 - Your Bedroom
Assignment 2 - The Lumber Truck
Tutorial 2 - The Computer Mouse
Tutorial 3 - Hearts
Assignment 3- The Real Mouse
Tutorial 4 - Planetary Studies
Assignment 4 - The Tiger
Assignment 5 - Siberian Tigers
and Robert Bateman Image 2
Assignment 6 - Fruit Bowl (empty bowl, bowl with fruit, bowl in room)
Assignment 7 - Fruit Bowl Analysis and Hidden Image

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does you webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?


When you have posted everything to your website print the
and hand it in for evaluation.