Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Corel Draw

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Note: Do NOT apply any gradient fills or transparency until after you complete the Powerclip Tool section

Note: Measurements for this assignment are suggested, yours may be different

Page Setup

1.          Start a new drawing File | New.

2.              Change the page size to 300 mms x 200 mms and the orientation to Landscape. Set the grid spacing to 5 mms and set Snap to Grid.

Drawing the Random Planet that is not the earth.

Note: If you are using the freehand/bezier tool you will need to modify the smoothing in order to get the curves.

3.              Draw the earth and group it together. Your fill pattern can be anything that adds texture. Note: Do apply any gradient fills until after you complete the Powerclip Tool in step 18

4.              Select the earth and change the size to 140 mms x 140 mms. Center it on the page.

Drawing the Sun

5.              To create the sun, click the Polygon tool (in Graph) . On the Properties bar, change the value for the Number of Points to 16. Drag out a polygon, using the Ctrl key as well to force equal sides for the polygon.

6.            Change the size to 170 mms x 170 mms and the position of the centre to (15,80). Keep the sun selected and select the Shape tool. Move the cursor to the top node at (15,145) so that the cursor now looks like a small arrow with a plus sign. Drag that point in to make your sun. Note: Your measurements may be different than mine, that is O.K.

Use Uniform Fill and fill with Deep Yellow then do the outline in Light Yellow and thicken it slightly. Modify the fill of the sun. You may use any texture/pattern you want.

7.              Find the Knife tool (on the Shape Edit flyout). This can be used to break the sun into two pieces. Click on the most northern point (the knife changes shape) and then move the knife (don’t drag it) to the most southern point and click there. This breaks the sun into two pieces. Remove the left half of the sun.

Drawing the Moon

8.              You should be able to do this on your own. Use the hearts tutorials to help. You may use any texture/pattern you want


Drawing the Text on a Curve

13.           To draw the curve for the Text path, click the Bezier tool.

14.           Draw a curved line above your drawing

15.           Click the Text tool. Change the font to whatever you like and the font size to about 32. Click near the start of the curve that you have just created until the cursor changes.

16.         Type the text Department of Planetary Studies. If it does not fill the path, then you can drag round all the text so that it is selected and then change the font size. When you have finished, deselect the text and then select the Bezier curve and delete it.

Using Powerclip on the Title

17.           Use the Pick tool to pick the text, click the menu item Text | Format Text and change the font to one that is thick. You will probably need to change the font size.

18.         Select all three planets (use the Shift key for multi-selections). First, click Edit | Copy and then Edit | Paste to make a copy of the planets. Keep them selected. Click the menu item Effects | Powerclip | Place Inside Container. When a large arrow appears, point to the text.



Now you may add gradient fills and transparency to your earth


Save this Drawing in your K:Drive > Unit 2 Folder as "planet.cdr"
Export this Drawing in your Unit 2 Folder as planet.jpg
Post the drawing on your website on the
Tutorial 4 - Planetary Studies page