Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Unit 3 - Video Company



Video Company


Assignment #1- Video Company Logo

You have just created a local video production company. Come up with a name for your company, and then design and draw a logo for your company. This may be the same name as the company you already created or a new company. The logo should be in full colour. It should not be a square page but should have a shape that fits the logo. You may not use any clipart or pictures from the internet. You must draw all the items in your logo. Be creative and make sure that your logo reflects your company name. (Demonstrate Skills Learned) Your logo must include the following: a background, text, graphic, and must demonstrate the use of shading, gradients, curves and fills and other techniques of your choice. You will be animating this logo later so think about that in your design.

Save your logo as companylogo.cdr and export it as companylogo.gif
Post the companylogo.gif on your website on the Assignment 1- Video Company Logo page
Upload companylogo.cdr to your Drive and embed on your website.


Movie Package

Your video company is releasing a new PG movie . ( No weapons or violence) . You will be creating an animated trailer for this movie in a later unit so make sure it is something you can do.

Come up with a name for your movie and then create the following:


Assignment 2 - Movie Summary

On the Assignment 2 page type up a movie summary that includes a description and a list of characters and actors who will play those characters.


Assignment 3 - Movie Logo

Design a movie logo completely drawn by you (no clipart). Save as movielogo.cdr and export as movielogo.gif
Post on your website using the required format




Assignment 4 - Movie Poster

Design full page colour poster with a graphic different than any of those in your movie logo. Be sure to include your company logo/name, actors, release date, tag line, and from the creators of ....... At least 50% of the graphics must be drawn by you. Save as movieposter.cdr and export as movieposter.gif. Post on your website using the required format.

    More examples at:

    Assignment 5 - Promotional Items

    Design 3 giveaway or promotional items for your move. You can copy the item from the internet but must design a new graphic for the item (i.e. Do not just place your Logo on the image, item must be modified in some way)


Assignment 6 - Disney Logo

Walt Disney is one of the most widely known video production companies. Analyse the logo below, explain what it is, what you like, what you think could be changed to make it better.



Assignment 7 - Planes Poster

Analyse the poster below. Is it effective, does it give you enough information, what could be added to improve the poster?



Final Check

Have you posted everything required on the correct subpages

Assignment 1 - Video Production Company Logo
Assignment 2 - Movie Summary
Assignment 3 - Movie Logo
Assignment 4 - Movie Poster
Assignment 6- Disney Logo Analysis
Assignment 7 - Planes Poster Analysis

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does you webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?



When you have posted everything to your website print the
Assesment Rubric
and hand it in for evaluation.