Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Animation Using Corel Draw and Movie Maker


Part 1 - Creating your Initials

Open a new Corel Draw file.

Enter your text using the Text tool. I used GD for " Gravelle Designs", but you should use your own initials.
Do not Draw a Text Box, just type. Change the font style and size.

Selected the Ellipse tool and drag an oval shape around the text.

To line these elements up, marquee-select them all with the Pick tool and choose Arrange > Align and Distribute > Center of Page and click OK.

With the elements still selected, select Arrange > Combine.

Change the colour of the text or fill it with a pattern.

Figure 1

Choose Effects > Extrude to bring up the Extrude dialog box

Figure 2

Give your Logo Depth

Click on the first tab (Extrude Camera). then click on Edit at the bottom. Set the shape to "Small Back," the viewpoint to "VP Locked To Object," and the depth to 2.0. You can play around with the various choices until you get the look you're after. When you're done, click Apply.

Create the Lighting

Click the third tab (Extrude Light). Turn on the first light by clicking the first light bulb icon (or Light switch 1).



You can now position the light by dragging the small black icon around the 3D grid. You must place the icon on an intersection. I put mine in the upper-right corner. Once you've chosen the position for your light, click Apply.

At this point you won't really see much difference in your image. It's coming, though.

Create a Background

Draw a square around your logo. NOTE: The square must be large enough for the image to remain in the square when rotated
Fill it with a solid colour or a pattern fill and arrange it to the back.
Align to center of the page

Save this Drawing in your Unit 4 Folder as "initial .cdr"


Part 2 - Spinning your Initials

To create an animation you must save each image making only slight changes each time.

To save the first frame of your animation, choose File > Export. From the file type drop down menu choose JPG - JPEG Bitmaps. Save as initialsy0.jpg in your Unit 4 folder. If option boxes pop up just select OK.

Spin the Logo around the Y-Axis

Click on the 2nd tab (Extrude Rotation).

Figure 3

Use the Pick tool to select the logo.

On the Extrude menu click on the Page Icon and then on Edit and enter 10 in the y spin control. Click Apply to apply the rotation.

Figure 4

Save Frame 2

Choose File, Export and name the second frame, initialsy10.JPG.

Create the remaining Frames

Back at the Export dialog box, click Edit and enter 20 in the y spin control. Export this frame as initialsy20.jpg

Continue on until you hit the value 70. You'll notice that the image is now at 90 degrees (see figure 5).

Figure 5

After saving the frame initialsy70.jpg, start back down using negative values.

Start with -70 export as initials-70.jpeg, then -60, etc, until you hit -10.

You should now have 15 images. You're ready to animate your logo!


Part 3 - Taking it in to Movie Maker

Open Movie Maker
Open a new File
Choose Add Photos and import your 15 pictures into Movie Maker.
Arrange the images in order. (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, -70, -60,-50,-40,-30,-20,-10,0)
In Edit set your Picture Duration to 0.10 (or any speed you want)

Play your animated logo.

Now make your initials rotate in the opposite direction. Hint: Use the same frames but change the order. (0, -10, -20, -30 ...... etc)

Save Project as - Initials.wlmp (NOTE: Save Project not Save Movie)


Part 4 - Spin your initials around the X-axis

Using the method above make your initials spin around the X-axis. First in one direction and then back. Save files as initialsx


Part 5- Spin your initials around the Z-axis

Using the method above make your initials spin around the Z-axis. First in one direction and then back. This time continue with 80, 90, 100 and then back down -90, -80 etc. Note: Depending on your image you may need to add -95 to make a smooth transition


Part 6 - See if you can spin your initials in a complete circle around the x or y- axis



Part 7 - Putting it all Together

Add the x and z rotations into your Movie Maker file. Have them spin in both directions.

Save the file using the "Save Project" option, as InitialsAnimation.

Now add the following titles. Each one should be 3 seconds.

Frame 1 - Your Video Company Logo
Frame 2 - Proudly Presents (Created in Corel)

Frame 3 - Tutorial 1 - Rotating Initials (Created in Corel)

Frame ? - Y Rotation (Created in Corel)

Frame ?- X Rotation (Created in Corel)
Frame ? - Z Rotation (Created in Corel)

Frame ? - Thanks for Watching (Created in Corel)

Add transitions and effects to make it more interesting.




Save your Movie in Website Format

Save Movie > Recommended for this Project

Choose mp4 format



Putting the Video on your Website

Make sure your movie is in wmv or mp4 format before continuing

Step 1 - Go to your Google Drive


Step 2 - Open your Class folder > Unit 4

Step 3 - Drag your video file (.mp4 or .wmv)


Step 4 - Put the Video on your Website

Open the page for Edit

Save the page

Don't worry if the Video caption says Whoops. Google just needs some time to check your video.