Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Unit 5 - Introduction to Corel Rave



Animating Logos


Tutorial # 1 - Moving a Star

Tutorial #2 - Vector Drawings

Tutorial #3 - Using Tweens


Assignment # 1 - Screen Saver

Using the ideas from Tutorial 1 and 2 create an animated screen saver. Be creative, you must demonstrate at least 4 of the techniques that you learned.
Export the final product as a .gif or .swf

Assignment # 2 - Animated Greeting Card

Design an Animated Greeting Card for an occasion of your choice. The card must include an animated background, animated graphic and animated text. Export the animation to Movie Maker and add an appropriate musical soundtrack. It should be 15 to 30 seconds in length.

Final Check

Have you posted everything required on the correct subpage

Tutorial 1- Moving a Star
Tutorial 2 - Vector Drawings
Tutorial 3 - Using Tweens

Assignment 1 - Screen Save
Assignment 2 - Animated Greeting Card

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does you webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?

When you have posted everything to your website print the

Assessment Rubric

and hand it in for evaluation.



Sites for Music and Sound Effects

Convert Youtube Videos at