Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

RST Part 2 - Animation



Using Movie Maker as your final presentation tool, create a cartoon of at least 5 scenes (each scene will have multiple frames) that tells a short story about your own human and non-human characters that you created in the Part 1 of the RST.

Your cartoon must also include Sammy, the three animals and the two people from the tutorial sites. The cartoon must have a clear storyline and end with a conclusion.

Each of your scenes must have a unique background drawn by you.

All of your scenes must be animated. Each scene should contain at least 75 frames.

You must have at least one background that develops slowly or changes (i.e. is animated, clouds moving, day to night, etc.)

You must demonstrate the use of background music, sound effects, and recorded speech or text to speech.

Your finished product must include your animated company logo, an animated proudly presents screen and an animated title screen (both with backgrounds), final credits, and must demonstrate the use of transitions and special effects.

You may NOT use clipart or any images from the internet.

. (You may use items you created in previous units)

The more techniques you demonstrate, the more successful your final assessment will be.

When finished ......

  • Save your project as a animatedcartoon.wlmp
  • Save your movie as animatedcartoon.wmv
  • Upload the wmv and the wlmp to your Google drive
  • Put the video on the Assignment 6 page of your RST

Final Check

Have you posted everything required on the correct subpages

Assignment 1 - Sammy
Assignment 2 - Website Animals (x3)
Assignment 3 - Website Characters (x2)
Assignment 4 - My Cartoon Animal
Assignment 5 - My Cartoon Character

Assignment 6 - My Animated Cartoon

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does you webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?

  • Fill in the Assessment Rubric and hand it to me, I will check your site before you leave.

RST Assesment Rubric