St. Pius X High School

RST Part 1 - Cartooning

 During Part 1 of the RST there will be absolutely no talking.

Leave your phones with your teacher. You are not permitted to have them with you during the RST.

All of the characters produced in this section will be used in your final cartoon, so make sure you have an idea with a common theme.

Assignment 1 - Using the visual cues provided, recreate the cartoon character Sammy.

Assignment 2 - Explore each of the following three websites to learn how to draw cartoon animals:

Drawing Coach (Easy Level 3, Medium Level 4)
How to Draw Cartoons (Beginner Level 3, Intermediate Level 4)
Funny Cartoons (No Levels)

Draw 3 different animals, one from each site. Your assessment will be based on the effort you demonstrate, and the complexity of the animal you choose.

Assignment 3 -Explore the following website to show how to draw Cartoon People:

Cartoon People (Easy Level 3, Medium Level 4)

Draw 2 cartoon people from the site.

In the assignments below make sure you demonstrate learned techniques.

Assignment 4 - Create your own animal based character. This should take the form of a mythical creature, an animal we have never heard of, or an alien life form. Again, be as detailed as you can. Give your character a name and post it to your website.

Assignment 5- Create your own human-based cartoon character and give him/her a name. Pay attention to detail. Give your character a name and post it to your website.

Other websites you may find useful in creating your cartoon characters:

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon People

Cartoon Shapes

Cartoon Figures

Submitting your Work

Post your work on 5 Subpages under RST Part 1

1. Sammy
2. 3 Animals from sites
3. 2 People from site
4. Your own non-human character with name
5. Your own human character with name

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does your webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?

Did you include links to your cdr files?

When you have posted everything to your website

Proceed to Part 2 of the RST