Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Unit 4 - Animation using Corel Draw and Movie Maker




Animating Logos

Tutorial # 1 - Animated GIF Tutorial frame by frame

Assignment # 1- Animate your Movie Company logo from Unit 3 using Frame by Frame animation. You must have at least 3 different elements that animate, one of the elements must be text. The elements do not need to spin, they could fade in or out, change colour, move across the screen, change from one picture to another, etc. Be creative. Your animation must be at least 100 frames. Make the last frame of your animation longer so that we can see the final image. Save the Movie as moviecompany.wmv. Upload the Video to your Google Drive ALC1O Folder and put it on your website. (See instructions in Tutorial 1)

Assignment # 2 - Animate your Movie Logo from Unit 3. Your animation must be at least 100 frames.

Assignment # 3 -Create an animation using your drawings from Unit 2. Use your room, remove the full fruit bowl and add your empty fruit bowl. One Coffee Logo, the Real Mouse, Lumber Truck and Tiger should also be in the room. One at a time each piece of fruit should be dropped into the bowl. It must drop from something, a shelf, a window, a cupboard. Be creative!!! Try having some of the fruit spin as it drops. Play with transparency and other effects to make things appear gradually. Animate at least 2 other objects in the room i.e. the mouse moves over the fruit bowl, etc. This animation should have at least 200 frames. Make your movements small to create a smooth animation. Add a soundtrack to your animation (youtube to mp3)Export the Animation and take it in to Movie Maker

Add the following title screens: Your Movie Company Logo(Animated), Proudly Presents, Animated Movie Name, a Credits Screen, and a Thanks for Watching Screen.

Save the Project as animatedfruitbowl.wlmp file

Save the Movie as a animatedfruitbowl.wmv or .mp4

Upload the Video to your Google Drive and put it on your website. (See instructions in Tutorial 1)

Assignment # 4 - Create a movie trailer for your movie from Unit 3. It must include your main character and show him/her/it in some situation which involves movement and at least 2 backgrounds.You may use clipart and images from the web. Your animation must be at least 300 frames. You may not include blood, weapons or violence of any kind. Export the animation to use in movie maker.

Using Movie Maker complete your trailer. It should include voice (recorded by you, or from , and sound effects as needed (at least 2). Add a music soundtrack. To add a double soundtrack export as an mp4, reload and add the music.

Add the following somewhere in your movie .... Your animated company logo and your animated Movie Logo.

Explore different ideas in Movie Maker ....... play with transitions and other effects to enhance your video.

Save the Project as movietrailer.wlmp file

Save the Movie as a movietrailer.wmv file.

Upload the Video to your Google Drive and put it on your website. (See instructions in Tutorial 1)

Final Check

Have you posted everything required on the correct subpages

Tutorial 1- Animated Initials
Assignment 1 - Animated Company Logo
Assignment 2 - Movie Logo

Assignment 3 - Animated Fruit Bowl
Assignment 4- Movie Trailer

Clearly label each assignment.
Pay attention to the webpage layout. Did you use tables, borders, text?
Does you webpage look neat and orderly? Did you label everything?

When you have posted everything to your website print the

Assessment Rubric

and hand it in for evaluation.



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