Maze Game



Level 1 - Simple Maze


In this level the player simply must reach the exit.

There are three crucial ingredients in the game: the player, the walls, and the exit. Use your drawings from the previous section.

Design a simple maze (this is the easy level) using the walls from the previous section.

Use the character and goal sprite that you designed. Also the tutorial characters must appear somewhere in the maze.


Note: To slow down your animated walls


- add a create event to the wall

- add the following code in a code action





The Objects

Use the sprites you created in the previous section and name them spr_person, spr_wall, spr_wall2, etc. and spr_goal. You may make additional non-animated walls if you choose.

Create the appropriate objects

obj_wall - solid The wall object does not do anything else. So no events need to be defined for it.

obj_goal non-solid

obj_player - non-solid

Player Collision with the Goal

When the person collides with the goal move to the next room


Controlling the Player with Keys

We must always make sure the character is aligned to the grid, when it moves

In the control tab there is an action to test whether the object instance is aligned with a grid. We add it to each arrow key event and set the parameters to 32 because that is the grid size in our maze:

Complete each of the arrow keys using the actions below

Add a collision with the wall and a no key event


Setting Object Sub-Image

Note: Image tiles are numbered starting with 0.

Set the speed to 0 so that the character does not automatically animate.

Set Starting Image on Create


Set other images on Keyboard Event


Note: If your character gets stuck on walls re-align it to the grid


Note: If you created individual sprites just choose the appropriate sprite using the drop down menu.


Starting Screen


Create a starting screen, with a background, instructions and a button to start the game.