Level 5 - Blocks and Holes



Let us create something else that will enable us to make more complicated puzzles. We will create blocks that can be pushed by the player into holes.

This time we will use the parent option, this will make all collision on our wall apply to the block.


Note: I used 8 because my speed is 4..... (8 * 4) = 32 which is the size of my block. If your character speed is not 4 figure out the value by dividing 32 by your speed.

EXAMPLE: If speed is 5 then 32/5 = 6.4 so replace 8 by 6.4

Also we make holes that the player cannot cross but that can be filled with the blocks to create new passages.


This allows for many possibilities. Blocks have to be pushed in a particular way to create passages. And you can catch monsters using the blocks.

The block is a solid object. Because a collision event is defined between the person and the wall and not between the person and the block, that event is executed, stopping the person. This is not what we want. To solve this we put a dummy action (just a comment) in the collision event of the person with the block. Now this event is executed instead, which does not stop the person. (To be precise, the new collision event overrides the collision event of the parent. As indicated before, you can use this to give child objects slightly different behavior than their parents.

The hole is a solid object. When it collides with the block it destroys itself and the block. We also make the corner wall its parent to let it behave like a wall.

With the blocks and holes you can create many intriguing rooms. There is a little problem, you can easily lock yourself up such that the room can no longer be solved. So we need to give the player the possibility to restart the level, at the cost of one life. To do this set the key R to restart. In this keyboard event for the controller we simply subtract one from the lives and restart the room.


Bonus Objects

Add two bonuses: one to give you 100 points and the other to give you an extra life. They are both extremely simple. When they person collides play a sound, destroy bonus object , and either add some points to the score or 1 to the number of lives.