Your Turn

This is worth 20% of your mark so make sure to include enough elements.

Add at least 2 new levels. These levels must be different from previous levels

All Sprites must be created by you.

These levels must include new ideas and features.



One idea

One way streets

Try adding one-way streets that can only be passed in one direction. Make four objects, each in the form of an arrow, pointing in the directions of motion. When the person is completely on it they should move it in the right direction. Do this in the step event of the person. Check whether the person is aligned to the grid in the right way and whether in meets the particular arrow. If so, we set the motion in the right direction.

Do this on a step similar to the boulders and holes.



Finishing Touches

Add documentation. In GameMaker you can easily add documentation using the Game Information.

Finally, players won’t play the game in one go. So you need to add a mechanism to load and save games.Game Maker has a built-in load and save mechanism. F5 saves the current game, while F6 loads the last saved game. You should put this in the documentation.

Add in an Opening Splash Screen, Win and Lose Screens, High Score Table and anything else you think is important.



Post the following using the Template from assignment 1


.gm81 file and .exe file (embed drive folder)


Screen Shots (embed images)

Opening Screen
Each Level (label)
Sprites (any new ones)
Remember that sprites from previous section should already be posted in Unit 2
Resources List (a picture that shows all your sprites and objects)

Game Play Video (embed video)

New Evaluation form ..... self-evaluation form (embed form)

Peer Evaluations

The 2 people above you on the website and one person of your choice (not someone you evaluated last time)