RICH Summative Task
Project Proposal



Complete the following on the RST Proposal page of your website. You must clearly explain each section.

Game scenario
What is the Game about, a general overview

Game story or objective
Where is the game set? - i.e. location in the universe + time - past - present or future - a building of some kind - haunted castle - a crashed UFO - a secret laboratory -

Description of hero(s)
How did you come to be the only 'hero' in the game? (make up an imaginative story) - What is the hero's goal in the game? Why is the hero interested in this goal?

Diagrams of levels/rooms.
Rough sketches, use paint, photoshop, corel, or gamemaker

Description of scoring system
How do you score points
How do you move from one level to the next.

Description of lives and health
How do you lose lives and health
How do you gain an extra life


You will be required to stick to this proposal and your final evaluation will take in to consideration if you completed what you set out to do.

So make sure to plan your game, and to think about how you will implement each idea.