RICH Summative Task
Worth 30% of your Final Mark

Proposal: Due Thursday, May. 24
Weekly Reports: Due June 1, June 7 , June. 15
Weekly Reports are due even if you are away. No late reports will be evaluated.

Extra time is available during Morning Open Lab Times or at Lunch

RST is due on Friday , June 22
at the end of the exam time for Period 3 (9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.) or earlier.

If you complete and submit your project early you do not need to come in during the exam time.

All work for the RST must be completed in the classroom.
USB drives and google drive will be blocked, and file downloads will be monitored.
Save everything to the N:Drive.

When you are ready to post to your Google Drive ask to have it unblocked.

Remember: This is your RST and you must show me what you have learned. Any assistance from me will result in a lower evaluation mark.

RST Mark Breakdown /100

Proposal /5
Weekly Reports /15
Final Product /80

Note: Final Product includes website, evaluations, and program



Design a gamemaker game of your choice with at least 3 Levels. Games must be unique, so have your choice approved by me before completing your proposal.

Level 4 - 90% or greater code
Level 3 - 70% - 89% code
Level 2 - 50% - 69% code
Level 1
- less than 50% code

At least 50% of the graphics must be created by you.
Every variable/object must be named correctly.
All code must be documented. (Even drag and drop code)


- at least 3 levels
- each level must have a different objective

- have a character that moves in a variety of directions
- allow three lives and conclude on the elimination of the third

- be able to collect a 'treasure' or reach a point that will give bonus points
- include sound effects and music
- include a health bar
- grant an additional life on arriving at a certain score/objective
- have a win/lose/next level screen
- have a high score screen
- have a new/unique splash screen
- have a 'Help Screen' that explains how to play the game and the objective
- all screens must be modified and match your game


You must submit the following on your website:

- Proposal

- Weekly Reports

- Website Submission Template

You must print and submit hard copies of the following:

- A copy of your Rubric (with questions answered)

- Game evaluations, at least 2 class members and 2 people from outside the class must test your game and complete the evaluation sheet (Print and submit hard copies)

Staple all items together and submit personally to me. I will check your website and verify that you have completed everything


Have a great summer. See you in September!