Street Racing Game





Create a Street Racing Game using Code

You will work with a partner on this assignment.
You may not work with anyone you are currently sitting beside.
Change seats so that you are sitting beside your partner.
I will create a shared folder for each group so that you can both access the program.

Minimum Requirements:

You are responsible for finding/drawing your own sprites

Scrolling background that uses multiple backgrounds to demonstrate depth

Car that you are driving with at least 3 different images to show damage

Buildings, Trees, Fields etc. that spawn randomly on both sides of the street..

Other vehicles that appear randomly at different locations. These must come from both directions, and must spawn on the correct side of the road. There must be different types of vehicles and the type that spawns must be randomly determined

See below for how to spawn in specific range

Energy(fuel) displayed using a health bar
Speed, and Distance Traveled or Time which must be displayed on a dashboard similar to the banner we had in the plane game

Collision Detection - Accidents (accident vehicles must change images)

Detection when your car leaves the road

Gas Fill-Up opportunities (Stations or Cans)

Police car that appears if your Speed is too High or if you are driving on the wrong side of the road, some action when he catches you.

Game ends if you run out of gas

Start Screen with Instructions
Game Over Screen with High Score Table

Make sure all code is documented (10%)

Now you must add upgrades worth (20%)

Useful Hints

Generate a Random Position

Generate a random x value from n1 to n2. Where n1 is starting x value and n2 is ending x value

rndx = random_range(n1, n2);

instance_create(rndx, -25, obj_car)

Generate a Random Vehicle by changing Sprite

spriteNumber = floor(random_range(1,3))

if (spriteNumber =1)

sprite_index = spr_Ecar1

if (spriteNumber= 2)

sprite_index = spr_Ecar2

if (spriteNumber= 3)

sprite_index = spr_Ecar3




Upload everything to your website using the template. Use the Evaluation Links Below


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