Department of Design and Technology
St. Pius X High School

Introduction to Computer Programming
using Gamemaker


Course Evaluation

70% Term Work
(Assignments and Classroom Management)

30% RST



Designing a Website for this Course

Setting up your N:Drive


Student Websites



Unit 1 - Introduction to Programming

Part 1 - Gamemaker using Drag and Drop

Gamemaker for Home

Assignment 1 - Fruit Mania

Assignment 3 - Maze Game (You must design your own sprites for Levels 1,2, and 3)

Assignment 4 - Scrolling

Part 2 - Gamemaker using Code

Assignment 5- Plane Game

Assignment 6 - Street Racing Game

Assignment 7 - Platform Game

Part 3 - 3D Games

Assignment 8 - First Person


All Term Work is due May 17, no late work will be accepted. We start the RST on May 22


Computers and Society

Ongoing Articles and informal Discussions

What will the computers of tomorrow be like? Will we still be using keyboards and mice or will we actually live inside a partially digital world?


Check out Atlas: The Next Generation

Computer Privacy
“Generally, one has no reasonable expectation of privacy in an IP address when using the Internet."

IBM has made a computer that’s smaller than a grain of salt

A Computer with Free Will

Human Implants and Neural Dust

Wireless Charging




RST - Game Design and Development

May 22 - Your scheduled Exam time

Designing your own Game