RST Weekly Evaulation

You must submit a report for each week of the RST.
These are due even if you are away.
No exceptions! No extensions!

Use the template below and post your report on a new subpage with the date for each report clearly indicated

Explain what you did, do not just say "I worked on my Game". I want specific details. It may be in point form, but must list everything you did.

Weekly Evaluation marks will be based on:

- the report
- class work for the week
- problem solving skills
- progress on your project


Report for the Week of : Put Dates Here


This week I worked on:


This week I completed:


Problems I encountered:


Changes I am making to my original proposal and why:


Next week I will work on:


Post the link to your .fla in the N:DRIVE . Do not upload your .fla to google drive.