RICH Summative Task
Worth 30% of your Final Mark

Proposal: Due Thursday, Dec. 14 at the start of class
Weekly Reports: Due Dec. 15, Dec.22, Jan 12, Jan 19,
Weekly Reports are due even if you are away. No late reports will be evaluated.

RST is due
at the end of your scheduled exam time (9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) or earlier.

Period 1 - Jan. 25
Period 4 - Jan. 30

If you complete and submit your project early you do not need to come in during the exam time.

Extra time is available during Morning Open Lab Times and at Lunch

All work for the RST must be completed in the classroom.
USB drives and google drive will be blocked, and file downloads will be monitored.
Save everything to the N:Drive.
This is the only drive that is backed up daily!
You may not bring in printed/written code from home!

Remember: This is your RST and you must show me what you have learned. Any assistance from me will result in a lower evaluation mark.


Choose from among these ideas or come up with your own idea: a word search, jigsaw puzzle, checkers, trivia game, action game, memory, matching game, sliding puzzle, RPG, rock/paper/scissors(easy), a board style game, poker, dominoes, hangman, connect 4, a card game, tic-tac-toe(easy), simon, bingo, minesweeper, battleship, a useful app, or an idea of your choice (see me for approval)

2 people may NOT complete exactly the same game. So submit your choice as soon as possible.

Your game/app should be created using code in order to receive a high evaluation mark


Level 4 - 90% or greater code
Level 3 - 70% - 89% code
Level 2 - 50% - 69% code
Level 1
- less than 50% code


Level 4 - 70% or greater code
Level 3 - 50% - 69% code
Level 2 - 30%- 49% code
Level 1 - less than 30% code



- include a 'Splash Screen' that outlines the games controls/guidelines/rules
- at least 2 levels or rooms or features
- each room/level/ feature should have a different objective
or function
- have a character that moves in a variety of directions or use keyboard functions in some way (more than just click)
- have a win/lose/next level screen
- have a high score screen if applicable
- reach a point that will give bonus points/or send you to a bonus level
- make use of sound effects and music
- make use of the random function


RST Mark Breakdown /100

Proposal /4
Weekly Reports /16
Final Product /80

Note: Final Product includes website, evaluations, and program




The following should be in the RST section of your website. Each item should be on a subpage.

- Proposal (Due Thursday, Jan.14 at the start of class)

- Weekly Reports (Due Dec. 15, Dec.22, Jan 12, Jan 19)

- Updated game 'scenario'. This should explain any changes you made to your original scenario/hero and why!

- 'How to Play' section with 'Tips and Tricks'

- Embeded code and screen shots oflevels if applicable

-.fla file and embeded swf

The following should be printed and handed in when you are finished. Stapled together!

- Peer evaluation sheets (2 - ICS3U students and 2 - people not taking programming, must test your game)

- Self Evaluation Sheet