RICH Summative Task
Project Proposal




Before beginning your game you must submit (on the CPT page of your website) a proposal which must include:

- game/app senario (overview)

- description of the app or programs function

- diagrams of levels/rooms/layout

- description of scoring system

- description of lives and health if applicable

- anything else required to explain your project



You will be required to stick to this proposal so make sure to plan your game, and to think about how you will implement each idea.



- include a 'Splash Screen' that outlines the games controls/guidelines/rules
- at least 3 levels or rooms or features
- each room/level/ feature should have a different objective
or function
- have a character that moves in a variety of directions or use keyboard functions in some way (more than just click)
- have a win/lose/next level screen
- have a high score screen if applicable
- reach a point that will give bonus points/or send you to a bonus level
- make use of sound effects and music