Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S1 - Using Tweens

T5 - Animated Movie Clips


Shape Tween along a Motion Path

Open a New File for this Tutorial

1. Create a New Symbol mySquare_mc

2. Create a New Symbol myCircle_mc

3. Create a New Symbol called myShapeTween_mc.

4. In the myShapeTween_mc window create a simple shape tween from a circle to a square.
Do not move the symbol on the last frame, place it right over the first symbol

4.Return to the Stage Window

5 .Add an instance of myShapeTween_mc to the stage and create a Motion Tween

The Shape Tween will now play along the path

Note: You must test movie for this to work!!


Fade-In Fade-Out


Add a new Scene

1. Create a New Symbol myRectangle_mc

2. Create a New Symbol myRectangleTween_mc movie clip symbol

3. Add an instance of myRectangle_mc to myRectangleTween_mc.

3. Add two keyframes at 10 and 20

4. Change the alpha value to zero on the middle keyframe.

5. Right click in each section and Insert a Classic Tween


6. Return to the stage and create a motion tween so that square moves across the screen as it fades in and out.




Dancing Character


Find a graphic of character that can change postion (legs and arms) by flipping the image


Add a new Scene

1. Import Graphic to Stage (remove the background if necessary)

2. Convert Symbol to a Movie Clip

3. Insert a keyframe (around 20) and flip the image

4. Insert a keyframe (around 40) and flip the image again

5. Add the animated symbol to the stage

6. Add a background image (a dance floor)

7. Create a motion tween so that the dancer moves around the dance floor.

8. Add music to your animation. Find a song online


Import a song to the library

Create a new layer called music

Add an instance of the song to the stage and insert a keyframe where you want the song to end.

Modify the properties