Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S1 - Using Tweens

T5 - Animated Movie Clips


Shape Tween along a Motion Path

Open a New File for this Tutorial

1. Create a New Symbol mySquare

2. Create a New Symbol myCircle

3. Create a New Symbol called myShapeTween.

NOTE: Make sure you are in the myShapeTween movie clip window for the next step

4. In the myShapeTween window create a simple shape tween from a myCircle to mySquare.
Do not move the symbol on the last frame, place it right over the first symbol

5.Return to the Stage Window

6. Add an instance of myShapeTween to the stage and name it myShapeTween_mc

7. Create a Motion Tween

The Shape Tween will now play along the path

Note: You must test movie for this to work!!


Fade-In Fade-Out


Add a new Scene

1. Create a New Symbol myAlphaTween

2. Open the myAlphaTween (make sure you are in the myAlphaTweeb window)

3. Add rectangles on frames 0, 10,20

4. Change the alpha value to zero on the middle keyframe.

5. Right click in each section and Insert a Classic Tween

Return to the stage.

6. Create an instance of myAlphaTween called myAlphaTween_mc movie clip symbol

7. Create a motion tween so that square moves across the screen as it fades in and out.







Dancing Character


Find a graphic of character that can change postion (legs and arms) by flipping the image


Add a new Scene

1. Import Graphic to Stage (remove the background if necessary)

2. Convert Symbol to a Movie Clip

3. Create a new Symbol called myDancingCharacter

3. Add the movieclip to frame 1

3. Insert a keyframe (around 20) and flip the image

4. Insert a keyframe (around 40) and flip the image again

5. Add the animated symbol to the stage

6. Add a background image (a dance floor)

7. Create a motion tween so that the dancer moves around the dance floor.

8. Add music to your animation. Find a song online


Import a song to the library

Create a new layer called music

Add an instance of the song to the stage and insert a keyframe where you want the song to end.

Modify the properties