Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S2 - Movieclip Properties

ICS3U A1 - Building and Car


Animation by Calum


Scene 1 - Create a title scene using text to shape tween.

Scene 2 - Car animation

Creating a Background


The background must include the buildings shown below. You will be evaluated on how closely your image matches the one below.

Use 3 library symbols (myBlackSquare, myBrownSquare and myYellowSquare all 20 x 0) to create the buildings.

Use 6 instance of the myBlackSquare and 6 instances of myBrownSquare to make the building, and 30 instances of myYellowSquare(with a border)

The black squares are used to draw the border of the building

HINT: Set your grid spacing to 20 x 20 and then resize using scale

Squares may start in the correct position on the stage.

Your evaluation for the building will be based on accuracy.



Now use additional library elements to add sky, grass, sun, road etc. Your evaluation will be based on creativity

These elements must be positioned using code. And must only use 1 library symbol for each shape. You should use code to modify the shapes.



Draw a car using a maximum of 4 llibrary symbols.
(It does not need to be the same but must use symbols more than once and demonstrate sizing and distort
The car can be turned into one symbol.



Have it start on the left side of the screen, fade in, and drive across the screen and off the stage using actionscript.

Scene 3 - Create an ending scene with animated text/graphics

Move to the ending scene when train is off the stage


Your Turn

Add some additional elements or features to your project. Be creative!

Add at least one additional animated element to your car animation.

Evaluation based on degree of difficulty and creativity.


To set your app to landscape mode







Posting your Flash Animations

1. Upload the .fla file to the Gravelle Folder on your Google Drive

Create a link to the google document on your S1 Subpage


2. Export your animation as a .swf file


3. Attach the .swf file to the bottom of your website.

4. Copy the link location to the swf

5. Insert the Flash Wrapper Gadget

6. Open Flash Wrapper and Paste the link location from Step 2

7. Save your page to view your animation