Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S1 - Using Tweens

A3 - Chutes and Ladders Simulation



Scene 1 - Create an animated Intro scene that uses both text and images. You must demonstrate motion and shape tweens.

Scene 2 - Create a simulated chutes and ladders game.

1. Find a chutes and ladders image with at least 100 squares, that is the appropriate size. (Use the size option in google) Set it as your background. Make sure not to resize the image so much that it gets distorted.

2. Create a simple character to move through the game.


The character must change somehow similar to the dancing character. Below are some examples but your character does not need to be the same, and does not necessarily need to walk. Be creative.


3. Display a roll using dice images.

ICS3U - The dice must display an animated roll. (i.e. Flashing numbers)

ICS3C - You may just display the number on the dice

4. After each roll move the character using a tween. The character must face the direction it is moving in.

5. The character must hit at least 2 chutes and only one ladder.

6. The simulation ends when the player reaches the top.

Add additional elements that will enhance your simulation or a closing scene that demonstates learned concepts

These upgrades will be worth 15%