S1 Evaluation Sheet
Using Tweens

Name: ______________________


Software Development (Mark _______/10)

- proper use of class time
- proper use of equipment
- software solution meets the challenge
- demonstrates problem solving skills
- uses algorithms according to specifications

Programming Concepts and Skills (Mark _______/80)

- objects and movie clips named correctly (10)
- tutorials 1-5 complete and follow required code techniques (15)
- A1 intro scene effectively demonstrates the use of morphing (10)
- A1 simulation effectively demonstrates the use of both motion and shape tweens and animated graphics (30)
- A1 closing scene creatively demonstrates the use of learned concepts (15)

Computer Environments and Systems (Mark _______/10)

- detail, accuracy, neatness, layout on webpage submissions
- all assignments in the correct order and clearly labeled
- all files posted and shared correctly


Final Mark: