Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S2 - Movieclip Properties



Tutorial 1 - Snowman

Assignment 1 - Train


Tutorial 1 - Snowman

Assignment 1 - Building and Car


Submiting your Work


Evaluation Sheet

1. Upload the Evaluation Sheet ICS3U or ICS3C to the Private Folder on your Google Drive

2. Add a Link at the top of S2 Subpage

FLA Files

3. Copy fla files to your Private Drive Folder and embed the folder on you webpage


Swf File

4. Export your animation as a .swf file


5. Attach the .swf file to the bottom of your website.

6. Copy the link location to the swf

7. Insert the Flash Wrapper Gadget

8. Open Flash Wrapper and Paste the link location from Step 2

********************NEW THINGS TO POST********************


Make sure you have documented all your code including name and project information!!!!

8. For each assignment copy your code to Copy all code into one document and clearly label each section. (Note: If you have identical code on multiple frames only paste ones and label with all frames)

This will keep some of the formating. Choose Actionscript 3.0, colorful, and check line numbers.

Copy the formated code into a google doc in your PRIVATE folder and embed the doc into your website. Insert > Drive > Document. Place the doc after the .swf file !


Screen Shot

9. Take as screen shot of your stage using print key and post the image AFTER THE CODE