S2 - Movieclip Properties

Name: ______________________

Assignment Components (Mark _______/55)

- required elements

Tutorial 1 - Snowman(15)
Assignment 1 - Car and Buildings(25)
App on Phone (5)

Documentation and Naming Conventions (Mark _______/10)

- objects and movie clips named correctly
- each line of code is documented

Website (Mark _______/5)

- detail, accuracy, neatness, layout on webpage submissions
- all assignments organized and labeled
- all assignments on appropriate subpages
- all subpages in order
- all files attached

Above and Beyond (Mark _______/15)

- thinking outside the box
- going above and beyond what was asked for
- transfering knowledge and skills to new contexts with effectiveness

Please list what you did for application in the Car assignment. Also list anything you added to other assignments above and beyond the requirements



Overall mark achieved /85