Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S3 - Tweens using Codes




Tutorial 1 - Tweens and Easing

Create 4 Movie Clips (Square)

Add the following code to frame 1 of the actions layer.


Easing Types

Regular: the motion speed will gradually increase or decrease in speed as specified by the easing method.
Bounce: the motion will bounce back a few steps when it reaches the end position before settling at it.
Back: the motion will go beyond the end position before bouncing back into it.
Elastic: a mixture of Bounce and Back effects combined.
Strong: a more emphasized Regular effect.
None: no easing, the motion will not speed up.

Each of these functions must be then be configured using one of the easing methods to determine at which part of the tween it shall apply the effect, i.e. at the start of it, the end of it, both, or none:

easeIn: - The tween effect is applied to the start of the animation.
easeOut: - The tween effect is applied to the end of the animation.
easeInOut: - the tween effect is applied to the start and end of the animation.
easeNone: - no tweening effect is applied, to be used with the None tween function.


Try each of the Easing types to see what happens!