S3 - Motion Tweens using Code

Name: ______________________


Classroom Management (Mark _______/10)

- proper use of class time
- proper use of equipment

Assignment Components (Mark _______/40)

- required elements

Tutorials 1- Complete(5)
Assignment 1 - Pacman Menu(10)
Assignment 2 - Pacman Maze(20)
App on Phone(5)

Documentation and Naming Conventions (Mark _______/10)

- objects and movie clips named correctly
- all code documented

Website/ Google Drive (Mark _______/5)

- detail, accuracy, neatness, layout on webpage submissions
- all assignments in the correct order and clearly labeled
- all files posted and shared correctly

Application (Mark _______/35)

- dots
- ghost

- ending scene

Above and Beyond

Please list what you added to your pacman simulation. I will only evaluate items that are listed here!




Overall mark achieved_____ /100