Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S4 - Buttons, Keyboard Commands, and HitTest

Assignment 3 - Keyboard Commands


We will now try and make a playable game.

You may continue with pacman or design another maze/character.
If designing a different maze it must still contain dots or something that is eaten/collected and enemies that move.


Create a new scene - In order to hittest the walls you will need to draw the maze yourself. Each wall will need a different instance name.

Add keyboard control for you pacman.

Below is an example of KeyboardEvent.Key_Down works, you will have to rotate your images in each function



To avoid having to click on the stage add this at the top of your main program section

//focus the screen



You will have to continuously hit the arrows to move. We will modify this in the next assignment but if you want to try it now see below (Not required)