Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S2 - Movieclip Properties

ICS3C A1 - Train



Scene 1 - Create a title scene using text to shape tween.

Scene 2 - Create the train shown below using only 4 library symbols.

All symbols must start off the stage and be moved onto the stage using code. i.e. set the correct x and y values


Adding to your Drawing

Add a background image from the internet to your image.

Add the following to your image:
sun with rays, track, smoke(overlap circles)

Evaluation will be based on detail and imagination.

Fading and Moving

Fade the train in by modifying alpha values on different frames.

Move the train off the screen by increasing or decreasing the x value

myTrain_mc.x +=5; //Move Right

myTrain_mc.x -=5; //Move Left

on the next frame of the actions layer replay the frame that moves the train



Scene 3 - Create an ending scene with animated text/graphics

Move to the ending scene when train is off the stage


Your Turn

Add some additional elements or features to your project. Be creative!