Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S1 - Using Tweens

T3 - Motion and Shape Tweens


Motion Tween followed by a Shape Tween

1. Open a New File for this Tutorial

2. Create a MotionTween Layer and add a shape to it.

3. Move the Shape across the screen to the right using a motion Tween over 25 Frames

4. Create a ShapeTween Layer, on Frame 26 add an instance of the shape and break it apart

5. On Frame 50 add an instance of a different shape and break it apart.

6. Create a shape tween.

Note: Motion and Shape Tweens need to be on different layers


Your Turn

1. Complete a motion tween of the square left across the screen (on the Motion Layer)

2. Complete a shape tween of the square back up to the circle (on the Shape Layer)