Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S1 - Using Tweens


Getting Started

File > New > Actionscript 3.0

Set your Stage Colour

Save the File as Tutorial 1 in your K:Drive S1 Folder



Tutorial 1 - Motion Tweens

Tutorial 2 - Simple Shape Tweens

Tutorial 3 - Combining Shape and Motion Tweens

Assignment 1 - Bouncing Ball Assignment

Tutorial 4 - Images to Text

Assignment 2 - Pacman Text Mophing

Tutorial 5- Animated Movie Clips

Assignment 3 - Pacman Simulation using Tweens

Application - Add additional elements to your Pacman simulation.
Some ideas: scoring, additional ghosts, another scene, etc.
Be creative.


Submiting your Work



Evaluation Sheet

1. Upload the Evaluation Sheet to the Gravelle Folder on your Google Drive

2. Add a Link at the top of S1 Subpage


For each tutorial and assignment your must post the following:

Flash File

3. Upload the .fla file to the Gravelle Folder on your Google Drive

4. Create a link to the File on your S1 Subpage



Swf File

5. Export your animation as a .swf file


6. Attach the .swf file to the bottom of your website.

7. Copy the link location to the swf

8. Insert the Flash Wrapper Gadget

9. Open Flash Wrapper and Paste the link location from Step 2