Introduction to Flash and Actionscript

S2 - Tweens



Tutorial 1 - Motion Tweens

Tutorial 2 - Simple Shape Tweens

Assignment 1 - Bouncing Ball Assignment

Tutorial 3 - Images to Text

Assignment 2 - Pacman Text Mophing

Tutorial 4- Animated Movie Clips

Assignment 3 - Pacman Simulation using Tweens

Tutorial 5-Creating Tweens using Code

Assignment 4- Pacman Simulation using Code



Submit your Work

For each assignment attach the .swf files|

Link to the .fla file which should be in your Google Drive Gravelle Folder

Embed the .swf using Flash Wrapper

Embed your code using Google Docs


Save the Evaluation Sheet to your Google Drive Gravelle Folder and Paste the Link on the TOP of your S2 page.