Department of Design and Technology
St. Pius X High School


An Introduction to Computer Programming

Designing Programs, Games and Apps for Android and IOS


Course Evaluation

70% Term Work
(Assignments and Class Management)

30% RST

Student Websites

Period 1

Period 4


The Computing Environment

Setting up your Workspace


The Basics of Programming, Problem Solving, Information Storage and Data Structures

Free 30 Day Trial is available from Adobe

S1 - Tweens and Movie Clips

S2 - Movieclip Properties (ICS3U - due Oct. 20, ICS3C - due Nov. 3)

S3 - Tweens using Code (ICS3U - due Nov. 3, ICS3C - due Nov. 10)

S4- Using Buttons to Control Animations (ICS3U - due Nov. 17, ICS3C - due Nov. 17)

S5 - Variables and TextBoxes (Cancelled)

S6 -Addchild

S7 - Avoiding Game



Game/App Design and Development