Department of Design and Technology
St. Pius X High School

Grade 12
Computer Programming

Course Evaluation

70% Term Work
(Assignments and Classroom Management)

30% RST


Student Websites



You will also need

JDK 8U201


Setting up your Workspace



NetBeans and Java

S1 - Introduction to NetBeans and Java
Console Output

S2 - String Data
Console Input and Message Boxes

String Methods
User Defined Methods

S3 - Numeric Data
Capturing and Displaying

S4 - Random Numbers

Random Numbers

S5 - Decisions
(A Quick Review )

If and If....Else

(This is New)

S6- Loops

For Loop
While Loop
Infinite Loops (FYI only)
Counters, Accumulators, and Sentinels

S7 - One-Dimensional Arrays
Array Lists

S8 - Two-Dimensional Arrays
2-D Arrays

S9- Game Programming using Arrays
Creating a Form Using Code

1. TicTacToe

2. Hangman Game

Create an array list with 20 words.
Randomly determine the word and print _ for each letter using a for loop
Allow the user to guess a letter.
Display the correct letter in the dashes if it exists.
Display incorrect letters in a box.
Display part of an image if incorrect.
Determine if the player won or lost in the allowed number of guesses.
If they lost display the correct word.

A9 - Rubric

S10 - Android Studio


S11 - RST