RICH Summative Task
Project Proposal



Before beginning your game you must submit (on the RST page of your website) a proposal which must include:

- game senario describing your game

- diagram showing game layout


You will be required to stick to this proposal so make sure to plan your game, and to think about how you will implement each idea.


Program Requirements

Produce a modular program that is divided among multiple functions and screens.
Design user-friendly input-output forms.
Use appropriate data types (int, String, number).
Use conditional structures (if-statement).
Use loop structures (for, while).
Use built-in functions and properties.
Create and use custom functions.
Use at least one form of array (one-dimensional, two-dimensional, ).
Perform searching as required.
Perform sorting as required.
Add an enhancement (scorekeeping, timer, graphics, animation).
Use white space and indenting to improve readability of code.
Use internal comments to explain clearly the program code.