Proposal: Due Monday, May. 28
Weekly Reports: June 1, June 7 , June. 15
RST Final Report and Project: Due Thursday, June 21 @ 11:30

RST is due at the end of Period 2 Exam Time - Thursday, June 21 (9:00 - 11:30)

Room will be open at 7:30 as usual



ICS4U - Java

The software you develop will be a game of some sort. The game you choose to create should demonstrate your ability to use established programming techniques, appropriate data structures, a robust design (reliable and easy to update), stable algorithms, and a friendly user interface.

Program Requirements

Produce a modular program that is divided among multiple methods.
Design a user-friendly input-output gui.
Use appropriate data types (int, String, boolean).
Use conditional structures (if-statement).
Use loop structures (for, while).
Use built-in methods and user-defined methods
Use at least one form of array (one-dimensional, two-dimensional ) or array list.
Perform searching as required.
Perform sorting as required.
Add an enhancement (scorekeeping, timer, graphics, animation).
Use white space and indenting to improve readability of code.
Use internal comments to clearly explain the program code.

Game Ideas

Choose from among these possibilities or come up with your own idea: a word search, jigsaw puzzle, minesweeper, battle ship, simon, checkers, chess, trivia, memory game, sliding puzzle, puzzle, rock/paper/scissors, a board style game, dominoes, snake, breakout, tetris, pacman, space invaders, connect 4, a card game, chutes and ladders, moon lander, sorry, scrabble,dominoes, book worm, crossword, little words, shoot the duck, a useful app, or an idea of your choice (see me for approval)

2 people may NOT complete the same game. So submit your choice as soon as possible.

Additional Requirements

A Website that Includes the Following

- Proposal

- Weekly Reports

- Updated game 'scenario'. This should explain any changes you made to your original scenario and why!

- 'How to Play' section with 'Tips and Tricks'

- "Screen shots" of your game

-Your files

Hard Copies of

- Game evaluation sheets, at least 2 class members and 2 people from outside the class must test your game and complete the evaluation sheet

- Self Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

RST Mark Breakdown /100

Proposal /5
Weekly Reports /15
Final Product /80

Note: Final Product includes website, evaluations, and program


Assessment of this project will take into consideration both the process and the final product.
Coding of gui's will result in a higher evaluation than using built-in gui functions.