Department of Design and Technology
St. Pius X High School

Grade 12
Computer Programming

Course Evaluation

70% Term Work
(Assignments and Classroom Management)

30% RST


Student Websites


Download Netbeans


NetBeans and Java

S1 - Introduction to NetBeans and Java (Due Feb. 16)
Console Output

S2 - String Data (Due Mar. 9 - 10% for every school day late)
Console Input and Message Boxes
String Methods
User Defined Methods

S3 - Numeric Data
Capturing and Displaying

S4 - Random Numbers

Random Numbers

S5 - Decisions
(A Quick Review - Because you are having trouble )

If and If....Else

Questions 5.1- 5.3 will be included on your midterm report card and must be submitted by April 10

(This is New)

S6- Loops
(Tuesday, April 24 is the last day to work on this unit in class)

For Loop
While Loop
Counters, Accumulators, and Sentinels

S7 - One-Dimensional Arrays
Arrays (Due - April 27)
Array Lists (Due - May 2)

S8 - Two-Dimensional Arrays
2-D Arrays - Due - May 9

S9- Game Programming using Arrays
Creating a Form Using Code

1. TicTacToe(Now a Tutorial due May 16)

2. Hangman Game
(Absolute deadline is the 25th but you should try to finish earlier so you have enough time for your RST)

Create an array list with 20 words.
Randomly determine the word and print _ for each letter using a for loop
Allow the user to guess a letter.
Display the correct letter if it exist.
Display part of an image if incorrect.
Determine if the player won or lost in the allowed number of guesses.
If they lost display the correct word.

A9 - Rubric

RST (You must submit your proposal by the 28th at the latest)