Department of Design and Technology
St. Pius X High School

Grade 12
Computer Programming

Course Evaluation

70% Term Work
(Assignments and Classroom Management)

30% RST


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Download Netbeans


Dates for Grads

May 4 - Grad Assembly extended Period 4

May 9 - Grad Retreat (all day)

May 26 - Prom

June 7 - Grad Mass (a.m.)

June 8 - Grad Ticket Distribution

June 28 - 11:30 a.m. Graduation Ceremony



Proposal: Due Wednesday, May 24
Weekly Reports: Due May 26, June 2, June 8, June 16
RST: Due June 20(Exam Day)

June 20 - 8:40 - 11:10

Room will be open at 7:30 as usual


ICS4U Unit 2 - Advanced Features of Java

A7 - One-Dimensional Arrays
Arrays (Due Apr. 21)
Array Lists (Due Apr. 28)

A8 - Two-Dimensional Arrays
2-D Arrays
(Due May 5)

A9- Game Programming using Arrays
Creating a Form Using Code
(Due May 18)

1. TicTacToe

2. Design a simple Hangman Game using
Create an array list with 20 words.
Randomly determine the word and print _ for each letter.
Allow the user to guess a letter.
Display the correct letter if it exist.
Display part of an image if incorrect.
Determine if the player won or lost in the allowed number of guesses.
If they lost display the correct word.

A9 - Rubric


ICS4C Unit 2 - Introduction to Actionscript

S1 - Objects, Instances, Movieclips and Frame by Frame Animation

S2 - Tweens and Movie Clips

S3- Using Buttons to Control Animations


S5 - Avoiding Game




Unit 1 - NetBeans and Java