S1 - Elements of Design

Name: ______________________




Research (Mark _______/5)

- rule of thirds summary
- 3 supporting images

Creating (Mark _______/27)

- photo composition (camera angle, subject placement, background)

- camera skills (focus, depth of field, shutter speed)
- creativity (tring to get a unique, interesting photograph)
- photographs fulfill assignment specifications

Artistic Statement(s) and Reflection(s) (Mark _______/9)

- questions answered for all photos
- answers demonstrate an understanding of the photo content and design element
- used hardware and software properly

Class Work (Mark _______/5)

- effective use of class time
- read and followed instructions
- used hardware and software properly

Presentation (Mark _______/5)

- detail, accuracy, neatness, layout on webpage submissions
- all assignments organized and labeled
- images an appropriate size

- all assignments on appropriate subpages
-  all subpages in order

Final Mark _____/51