S2 - Introduction to Photoshop

Name: ______________________

Tutorials (Mark _____/32)

tutorials instructions followed
tutorials complete
finished product meets the requirements of the tutorial
- the selection tool
- banner design
- removing backgrounds
- clouds
-clone stamp
- selective colour
- pop art
- choosen tutorial

Creating (Mark _____/58)

photoshop techniques
realistic image
camera skills(focus, depth of field, shutter speed)
creativity (unique, interesting product)
fulfilled assignment specifications
- website banner
- changing backgrounds
- clouds and clone stamp
- selective colour
- pop art

Class Work (Mark _____/5)

effective use of class time
read and followed instructions
used hardware and software properly

Presentation (Mark _____/5)

detail, accuracy, neatness, layout on webpage
assignments organized and labeled
images appropriate size
assignments on appropriate subpages
subpages in order

Final Mark ______/100