Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

S2.A2 - Candles

Selection, Duplication and Transformation

Using the Lasso Tools we can select objects and then use Edit > Transform to modify them.

Copy the Image Below and Modify it. Make sure each new element is on it's own layer

Original Image

Modified Image

Try some additional modifications .........

Duplicate some of the candies (not the entire group of 4)
Light some of the candles (Hint: Open another image with flames, select the flame and copy to a new layer above your candles)
Add a background - maybe place the items on a table.
Change the colours of the some of the candles.
Add additional items.

Be creative and make the image unique and interesting.

Post the original image and the modified image on a S2.A1 Selection Subpage under photoshop
Upload the .psd file (with all the layers) to your google drive. Share only with me and insert on your subpage