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Using a still camera take a head shot of yourself, or use a picture you already have.

Video Link:

Written Instructions:

RESIZE your Portrait Image

Use the cropping tool and create an appropriate cropped image 500 pixels in width and height
(You'll need to enter 500px for the width and height values at the top of the screen)(After the crop, double click the magnifying glass tool in the toolbar to zoom back in on the image)

SELECT your Head

Use the MAGIC WAND tool and make sure it's options are set to ANTI-ALIAS; CONTIGUOUS, but not SAMPLE ALL LAYERS. Select the background. SHIFT-Click to add more of the background if necessary. You could also use the lasso tool.
CTRL-SHIFT-I to select the INVERSE
CTRL-J to "Jump-Copy" the selection to it's own layer - name it "HEAD"


Click on the BACKGROUND layer
Click on the "Create a New Layer" button at the bottom
Name the new layer "NEW BACKGROUND"
Choose a new matching foreground and background colour and paint a gradient on the NEW BACKGROUND layer.

FEATHER the HEAD layer

Click on the HEAD layer
CTRL - CLICK on the HEAD ICON to select it's pixels
CTRL-SHIFT-I to invert the selection to the area AROUND the head
FEATHER the selection using menu SELECT | MODIFY | FEATHER and choose a value of 1 pixel
Use CTRL-H to HIDE the selection border
ZOOM IN to 100% to see the edge pixels clearly
Hit the DELETE KEY once - the edges should get cleaner - repeat hitting the delete key as needed to clean up the edges
CTRL-H to unhide the selection - CTRL-D to DESELECT entirely

CREATE a RING around the HEAD

Click on the HEAD layer and create a NEW LAYER over that and name it RING
Use the ELLIPTICAL MARQUEE tool (it may be hidden under the rectangular marquee tool - click and hold to toggle), hold the SHIFT key, and draw a selection around the majority of the head. Try to move the selected circle so that covers from just above the head to just below the neckline (Med CloseUp)
Choose a new foreground colour, and click ALT - DELETE to fill the selection with that colour
Use the menu SELECT - MODIFY - CONTRACT and shrink the selection by 50 pixels
Use the menu SELECT - MODIFY - SMOOTH and smooth the selection by 50 pixels
Hit the DELETE key to punch a hole in the circle

FIX the Head

Go to the HEAD layer
Use a Rectangular Marquee tool to select the head from about the nose to just above the head
Use CTRL-J to copy this to a new layer - rename it HEAD FIX
Drag the HEAD FIX LAYER so that it is above the RING in the layer stack


Select the RING layer
Adjust the bevel

MASK OUT the outer background

Click on the HEAD layer
Create a new layer and rename it MASK
Click on the RING layer
Use the MAGIC WAND tool and click outside the ring
Click back on the MASK layer
Hit the D key to restore the DEFAULT colours of black and white
Use CTRL - DELETE to fill the mask with the FOREGROUND colour


Using the Text along a Path feature add your name to your logo.

CROP and SAVE your work

Add your logo to your website under EDIT SITE click on the HEADER