Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

S3.A1- Movie Star at St. Pius


S3.A1.1 - Photograph

Create a Composite Picture of


a) you somewhere at St. Pius and

b) a movie star or famous person of your choice.

Add the movie star into your picture, not you into theirs.


You must interact with the stars. Try selecting different sections (like your head in looney tunes) to place your arms, legs etc. in front or behind the stars)


Make sure to match shadows, lighting, contrast etc. so that the picture appears realistic.


Adding a realistic Shadow!



S3.A1.2 - Artistic Statement

Write your artistic statement explaining your influences, artistic process, and photographic/digital manipulation techniques that you used.

S3.A1.3 - Reflection

1. What part of your finished project did you find most successful and why?

2. What part of your finished project did you find least successful and why?

3. If you had to do this project again, what part would you change or improve on and why?



Using the website below create 2 different picture frames for your photo. The frames should enhance the photo.


Post the photo in each of the frames.